6th Spirit of Humanity Forum

Healing a World in Crisis

Leading with Authenticity and Love

Reykjavík, Iceland, June 2023

A decade of Dialogues

Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary

10 years of

to build bridges, create deep connections and to spiritually nourish leaders from the inside out

6th Spirit of Humanity Forum

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Healing a World in Crisis

Leading with Authenticity and Love

1st to 3rd June 2023, Reykjavik, Iceland

A transformative retreat

For the first time, the Spirit of Humanity Forum will take the form of a retreat for leaders to provide the possibility of a more in-depth exploration of the theme. It will offer its well-recognised safe and nurturing atmosphere using the three pillars of dialogue, listening and silence. Together we will consider the impact of personal and collective healing in life and society while exploring questions such as:

  • How do we heal ourselves from our current experiences and the deep memories passed on through generations?
  • How can our systems of governance and governing institutions facilitate healing?
  • What is the role of authenticity and love in healing our relationship with the planet; can we restructure our priorities and use of resources?


To support depth, we will limit the numbers to 120 participants. We hope experiences at the Forum will open perspectives and insights that will make a significant difference for everyone involved, a profound shift of persception in how we relate to ourselves and to life.

The SoH Forum invites leaders, practitioners, professionals, thinkers and change-makers from diverse fields.

Inspirational event Saturday 3 June at 17.00

Language of Peace at Fríkirkjan in Reykjavík

Peace is a tremendous power that has the potential to bring our internal and external worlds back into harmony and balance. Peace it not just the absence of conflict. Peace is a creative energy.

During this unique and inspirational event, hosted by the Spirit of Humanity Forum, Fríkirkjan in Reykjavík and Höfði Reykjavik Peace Centre, we will together explore and experience the Language of Peace through music, stories from the heart, poetry and guided meditation.

The event is organised in connection with the 6th Spirit of Humanity Forum on 1st-3rd June 2023 in Iceland for leaders and change-makers from all continents seeking to contribute towards a lasting, positive transformation in the world.

Join us for a profound and nurturing experience, and let's celebrate peace together! All are welcome.

Free Admission

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Spirituality in Practice


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In her opening address, the Prime Minister of Iceland, Katrín Jakobsdóttir spoke of the Wellbeing economy Countries of which Iceland is a founding member:

“It is my steadfast view that the wellbeing economy and its wide ranging values, where people’s needs are made central, should be our guiding light to a more equal and sustainable future ...I wish you a good conference”.

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In his welcome, as host of the Forum, the Mayor of Reykjavik Dagur B. Eggertssonreminded us that,

“It is the 5th time that Reykjavik has hosted the Spirit of Humanity Forum since it was launched and I am extremely proud, as Mayor of the City, to be their host, because the City of Reykjavik has officially put its heart on peace and human rights issues, and we see it as the core of our local and international policies and programmes”.

Every Friday at 11.00am GMT

Join us in this simple spiritual practice, to empower yourself and help shift human consciousness towards core human values.

For a group of leaders and change-makers to be in a safe space to express their inner feelings and, in particular, speak of the part that love can and does play in their lives and in the world, is a precious gift.

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