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Resetting the Compass towards Core Human Values

The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to help bring about change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values. The Forum creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders and change-makers to discover new ways to move forwards.

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SoH Forum wishes to support an emerging community of practitioners

The Forum encourages the practical application of spiritual values or ‘core human values’ in the different fields and parts of the world where participants are active. We hope that the SoH Forums can encourage, empower, inspire and nourish participants spiritually in such a way that they can:

  1. begin or deepen their own spiritual practice on a daily basis to sustain the experiences they have received,
  2. develop friendships and maybe collaborations with other participants, to support and inspire each other spiritually and maybe even develop practical work together.

In this way the SoH Forum wishes to support an emerging community of practitioners by sharing success stories of applying spiritual values or ‘core human values’ in decision-making in all levels of society. The meaning of Spirit, Humanity and Forum is explained.


  • Encourage spiritual values like peace, love, compassion, empathy, humility, caring, non-violence, trust etc.
  • Encourage spiritual practices and experiences, especially silence, reflection, introspection and mindfulness which enhance self-awareness, personal integrity and responsibility.
  • Encourage an understanding for spirituality beyond religious divides and dogma.


  • Encourage a universal, inclusive, diverse outlook. Encourage the awareness of being members of one human family and the value of being humane.


  • Holding a space for listening, sharing, reflecting, discussing with openness and humility.
  • The Forum does not promote any particular project or ideology, but wants to showcase examples of personal transformation from any field or background which can inspire hope and courage in others for their personal transformation too.

SOH press presents first book

Peacefulness: Being Peace and Making Peace

On sale now!
“This book will be on my desk and not my bookshelf for quite some time,” writes Mike Hardy CMG OBE in his foreword.

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Living From The Inside Out

Towards inner-outer peace: Cultivating spirituality and relationship

“When we consider the problems our planet is facing right now, it is clear that the power of the human spirit must lead in healing and transformation.” Taken from Maureen Goodman's chapter in Peacefulness.

The SoH Forum Reykjavik 2017 will encourage leaders and change-makers at all levels to explore what it means to live from the ‘inside-out’. We are inviting people from a variety of sectors to contribute their thoughts on this theme.

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Peacefulness – Being Peace

In writing this opening chapter and being mindful of the argument put forward in the Introduction, my proposition is this: peacefulness arises from within us as an expression of who we always have been and of whom we may become. It is rooted in love and compassion and is nurtured by stillness and silence.

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The Conversation Project: The power of love and compassion in action
The Spirit of Humanity Forum encourages conversations on love and compassion

All the conversations will have as their theme the power of love and compassion in action, and it will be for the people taking part to decide what the focus is to be – for example love and compassion at home or in work or within the local community.

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Speakers and contributors at the 3rd Forum 2017

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A global partnership of organisations, communities and individuals, committed to improving the condition of the world and those who live in it. The Forum creates a safe space for dialogue and self exploration among leaders to discover new ways to move forward together. among leaders to discover new ways to move forward together. Read the latest newsletter, or sign up to receive it!

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David Cadman, one of the organising partners of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, on “Love at work”.

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