Steve Killelea – In the last 12 months, the world has become more peaceful


Steve Killelea is the founder of the global think tank, the Institude for Economics and Peace. Having given an inspiring talk at this year's Forum, he answered some questions from Jim Paymar.....

"I think the change needs to come from within. It comes about in an age where we are inter-connected. People now start to get disillusioned with the systems, there is a change going on."

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Gulalai Ismail – The Founder of Aware Girls


Gulalai Ismail, Founder and Chair Person for Aware Girls, gives her thoughts to Jim Paymer at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum on the work she does in Pakistan and some of the challenges she has faced....

"We engage whole communities, holistically. We engage them in dialogue so they can see the importance of what wonders can happen when both men and women are equally contributing to their community."

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Four Arrows – Remembering the world


Professor of Educational Leadership for Change at Fielding Graduate University, Prof. Don Trent Jacob (Four Arrows) sat down with Jim Paymar at this year's SOH Forum... ...

" I think that, the idea of spirits, it is giving significant to other and other is not cut off at the human world."

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Clementine Raphel – Loving and caring souls


Clementine Raphel, who helped bring the youth to this year's Forum, shares her thoughts on the Spirit Of Humanity with some quick-fire questions...

"The Spirit Of Humanity Forum is to me a place where I am seen for who I am - a loving and caring soul. It is a place where we recognise the importance of connecting to our deep and true nature."

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