Peacemaking and the Feminine Principle


By Marianne Marstrand. Women can play a significant part in the global peace building process. In fact, women, when enabled and empowered, can be true peacemakers and there are many examples from around the world that demonstrate the importance of applying the feminine principle to peacemaking, which itself is nourished by all faith traditions.

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Peace and our forgotten citizenship


By Joseph Milne: "One must also consider in which of the two ways the nature of the whole contains what is good and what is best, whether as something separate, itself by itself, or as the order of the whole of things.” Aristotle, Metaphysics, 1075a

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A creative inner curriculum – by Dr Neil Hawkes


A creative inner curriculum by Dr Neil Hawkes

“Real change will happen when enough school communities are values-based and the benefits are clearly seen by parents and the community.”

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