A different take on the two wolves

Inside each of us there are two wolves fighting. One is fear, arrogance, greed, anger, hatred and despair. The other is love, humility, generosity, courage and calm. You usually say that the one you feed wins. But, in fact, victory does not lie in wiping out the scared and angry wolf, but in winning its heart with empathy, love and respect. By nourishing the loving wolf it will become able to take care of and melt the heart of the fearful and desperate wolf. When the fearful wolf have been cured of its fear and despair, the two wolves will merge and become one wolf and run happily towards the sunrise!

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  1. Julie Molinari on May 12, 2024 at 4:18 pm

    I LOVE THIS! What a beautiful take on a better world for all. Thank you, from a working Shaman and peaceful warrior, Jules

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