Detaching to listen better

People often speak of opening the third eye, but our true step into deepening understanding is to open our third ear! What this means is not merely to hear the other, but to tune the self to understand what is really being said to me. It enables me to better pick up the feelings and attitude behind the words are.

This requires that I create a stillness within, by detaching as far as possible from the conditionings of my personality, from myself and from my way of thinking, to avoid interpreting new knowledge according to old patterns. I need to step back from myself in order to listen.

  • Listening is creating that respectful space between myself and the other, which facilitates a real understanding of what the other is trying to say to me.
  • Listening through the ‘third ear’ creates a link of empathy: an attentive calm and openness that focuses the mind so that reality can be grasped. Such attentive awareness enables the mind to create concentrated and pure thought.
  • Listening is the first step to communicating and harmonising with everyone; it is a method to understand the reality of the other in order to live better with them.
  • Listening to myself, to God, to others and to nature enables the self to harmonise and enjoy a sense of full equilibrium.


Sit relaxed and create an inner space for yourself by imagining that you are closing the door to the past and the door to the future…  decide to allow yourself this freedom from thoughts about the past and the future, just for a short while…  and when those kinds of thoughts do come, do not fight with them, just watch them…  become the observer and refuse to engage with them they will fizzle out…  detach from your day-to-day self-image and just imagen that your role now is just to be an observer and your mind will cool down…  it is like lifting from the ground with its crammed alleyways of mundane business…  rising and letting the horizon expand…  feel the relief on the mind as you for a short while you allow yourself to go beyond all the details of life…  experience how you naturally gravitate towards silence…  a very comfortable soothing quiet of the mind…  In this experience, all pettiness of thinking and feeling disappears and the heart expands…  the mind clears from clutter and my ability and willingness to listen spontaneously grows…  let yourself rest in this experience…  let the mind enjoy it and absorb it…  when you feel ready to come back into action try to hold this experience as long time as possible in your heart and let in influence your actions, your words and your face…

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