Alexander Schieffer – The collective field of participatory democracy

Alexander Schieffer, Co-Founder of Trans4m, Transform Centre for Integrity Development, gave his thoughts on this year’s Spirit of Humanity Forum.

Jim Paymar – Why did you come, and what did you hear this morning?

AS – I am, like everyone here, passionate about caring for a world in transition. I felt this was a place I’d like to be. I believe evermore we need to move beyond individual initiatives into creating collective fields. Listening to the sessions, not only is Iceland a place to create a collective space, there is a readiness in the audience, in the presenters, to move beyond where we have been into a higher level of co-creation.

JP – We have seen so much violence in this world, how do we turn that around?

AS – I begin with a mantra, we need to find a way to fundamentally transform from within. The violence, is a reflection of our inner state as individuals and collectively. But equally importantly we connect individual with collective transformation, and create processes that allow people to go on journeys to co-create new enterprises, education spaces.

JP – Can we make that happen before we destroy the planet of ours?

AS – I think the chances are 50/50. There is a significant chance of making it happen. I feel in the light of evermore conflict, people are waking up, willing to let go of old patterns. In this energy, if we can bring it into a new paradigm there is an opportunity we cannot miss.

JP – One thing that is lacking, in re-creating the world we live in today, is leadership. There is no leader able to galvanise thoughts and minds of people so that we can change….

AS – Yes, I do agree. I want to evoke something, we need to activate the collective field of participatory democracy, out of which new visions can rise that we then see reflected in leadership, which at the moment is incredibly poor and pragmatic. But that is what most of us live by. So to some degree the leaderships reflects where most of us are. I think if we begin to galvanise and begin to create a deeper level of depths, a new foundation, a new humanity, a new vision, new leadership will arise.

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