Are you an Extra-Terrestrial?

Do you sometimes feel estranged to the world around you, that you don’t fit in anywhere?
Do you work hard to figure out what your role in life is, to become someone in the crowd?
The good news is: You can quit the hard work, because you ARE an extra-terrestrial! And you don’t need a role to be anyone!

None of us belong here, we are all guests, as it is meant to be.
Guests on a visit are light because they don’t feel they have rights and ownership over the places they visit. They do not worry about details, but treat everything with respect and gratitude, and easily move on when it is time to move on. This is our original relationship with the physical world and awakening to this awareness again will entangle us from many complications and restore harmony.

I don’t need a specific role to ‘become someone’, I already arrived as a unique being. I will always be me. I am equipped to play many different roles in the journey of life, happily. It is when I become attached to roles, thinking this is what I am, that trouble begins. When my sense of self-worth depends on roles and positions life becomes a serious game and I become vulnerable, at the mercy of circumstances and other people’s actions.
So, let’s embrace the fact that we are all Extra Terrestrials, guests and trustees. We are given the world in trust to pass on to other visitors, it is a game we play with love and lightness. We do not need to take from the world to become something, we are already beautiful living beings with the innate qualities of peace, love and happiness. Let us wake up to this consciousness. It is nice to be an E.T.

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