More economic growth or growing better together?

By Olivier Onghena-‘t Hooft Noble purpose entrepreneur & author of ‘The Book of Noble Purpose’ In my recently published book, 'The Book of Noble Purpose', I describe in the last chapter (A World of Noble Purpose) how we as human species will suffer big time from our own short term thinking and unconsciousness, from irresponsible political leaders who are more concerned about their next reelection than the next generations, from the unacceptable inequalities between the uber-rich-have-alls and total-poor-have-nots, from the disconnection from ourselves, what is truly essential for us and what will help us increase our joy in Life. Therefore

Are YOU Alone or Lonely? 

Reflections in time of lockdown Article by Mike George   There are probably four kinds of people.  Which one describes you the best? 1  There is the MC’s - Monkish Characters.  They have chosen to live alone or just be on their own.  They have a deep resistance to other people.  They are not comfortable in company.  They suffer from frequent Jean Paul Sartre moments, namely “Hell is other people”! 2  Then there is the CCs - Cool and Self Contained.  They are OK being on their own.They don’t seek it and they don’t resist it.  They are also OK

Holistic Peace

by Dr Garreth Thomson, contributor to and supporter of the SoH Forum How can spiritual peacefulness be expressed in the stormy world of political-economics? What kinds of systemic social changes are needed for us to live as peaceful spiritual beings? How can contemporary political-economics be reframed by ancient spiritual traditions? The concept of peace is central to such questions. ‘Peace’ is core to all spiritual traditions; but it is also indispensable in international relations and in reconceiving democracy and economic justice. It also is central to personal relationships. ‘Peace’ is potentially a bridge from the spiritual to the relational to

We ARE nature

  Interview with Dr Thomas Bruhn, dr. in Physics and co-leader of the project A Mindset for the Anthropocene at the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, and speaker at the 4th SoH Forum in Reykjavik 2019.   It is clear that we cannot expect our system as a whole to change into a more sustainable mode if our consciousness and our way of living does not transform equally with it. Q: What has inspired you to participate in the Spirit of Humanity Forum A: My work is facilitating trans disciplinary processes for sustainability. I come from

Understanding Community as Communing

An extract from 'Peacefulness: Being Peace and Making Peace', chapter four from Scherto Gill. "In this chapter I explore a different way of understanding community – community as communing and focus the discussion on those conceptions of community that stress the relational nature of our being."

Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir – Women are to be everywhere decisions are made

Former Foreign Minister for Iceland (2007-2009) Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottirh spoke to Jim Paymar at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland

"I think they often approach them from an inner place, using their inner values, and it is important for us to not lose this. For me it is important women are to be everywhere decisions are made."

Mohinder Singh – Humanity leaves nobody outside

Mohinder Singh spoke to Jim Paymar at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland

" When you talk about humanity, it leaves nobody outside. We are all human, each one of us we are interconnected and interdependent. What we do affects others."

Elmar Givelet: Togetherness fighting for non-violence

Elmar Givelet lives in Paris and was the youngest participant at the 2017 Spirit Of Humanity Forum. He gave a wonderful talk at the Forum, and here he gives us his thoughts on the Forum itself.

" Everybody here is concentrated in a way that they are interested, happy, here not just to learn but to discover. They are taking their curiosity."

Alexander Schieffer – The collective field of participatory democracy

Alexander Schieffer, Co-Founder of Trans4m, Transform Centre for Integrity Development, gave his thoughts on this year's Spirit of Humanity Forum.

"I want to evoke something, we need to activate the collective field of participatory democracy, out of which new visions can rise that we then see reflected in leadership"

David Cadman – Accessing depth

David Cadman reflects on the Spirit of Humanity since its inception in 2012.

"We try to create a place in which that depth can be accessed. We find that it is almost like providing a doorway into that depth by our silence, the prayers that are given by all traditions, by the energy that is felt by people, that breaks away from some of the static structures of a typical conference, to enable people to find a deeper sense of themselves and then of their lives."

President of Iceland – Let us unite and stand together

Gudni Johannesson, President of Iceland, gave his opening remarks to this year’s Spirit Of Humanity Forum.

"For as long as there was harm that you could have eased, and there was fair battle you could have joined, but did not, the problems of this world are also your fault."

Scherto Gill – Being together

Scherto Gill speaks to Jim Paymar at the 2017 Spirit Of Humanity Forum in Iceland and looks at peace, conflict and connectedness.

One way to see peace is that it is relational. When peace is relational, conflict is therefore part of peace. Peace is our capacity, our collective capacity and intention to ensure conflict does not turn into violence. ....."

Rama Mani – Reawakening of our sense of humanity

Dr Rama Mani, Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy with some beautiful thoughts shared with Jim Paymar at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland......

"I have come profoundly to know, having spent my earlier professional life working in the political arena, what I realised it is only through the reawakening of our sense of humanity, that needs to be rekindled in each of us..."

Golo Pilz – We can all become members of change

Golo Pilz, Adviser for renewable energy for the Brahma Kumaris with an insightful interview looking at climate change and caring for our planet at the recent Spirit Of Humanity Forum in Iceland......

"If we change habits of needing more than we really need we can contribute to climate change in a positive way. But we have to change how we are wired, and meditation is a very powerful tool to initiate such a change.."

Gulalai Ismail – The Founder of Aware Girls

Gulalai Ismail, Founder and Chair Person for Aware Girls, gives her thoughts to Jim Paymer at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum on the work she does in Pakistan and some of the challenges she has faced....

"We engage whole communities, holistically. We engage them in dialogue so they can see the importance of what wonders can happen when both men and women are equally contributing to their community."

Four Arrows – Remembering the world

Professor of Educational Leadership for Change at Fielding Graduate University, Prof. Don Trent Jacob (Four Arrows) sat down with Jim Paymar at this year's SOH Forum... ...

" I think that, the idea of spirits, it is giving significant to other and other is not cut off at the human world."

Ottarr Proppe: Spirituality is part of our makeup

An open and honest interview with Iceland's Minister of Health, Ottarr Proppe, has been at all of the Spirit Of Humanity Forum since its inception.

"Spirituality is a part of our make up as human beings and communities. It is an instinctive way for us to live together."

Q&A with Alexandra Asseily: Resolution takes courage

Jim Paymar sat down with Alexandra Asseily at this year's Forum. Alexandra has lived in Lebanon and talks about the conflict she has witnessed, and the possible path to resolution.

"My thing is forgiveness, forgiveness of oneself, in order to be less of a projector. If we can feel at ease with ourselves the more we can feel at ease with the other. It is fear that will drive us in the wrong direction."

Q&A with Lord John Alderdice: We are edging towards a new set of understandings

At the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland, Jim Paymar sat down with Lord John Alderdice to discuss conflict, bridging divides and the Forum itself.

"Having had a few days space with other people devoted to finding a better way, and in my world in politics, you don’t get that many spaces. There are people here who have experiences who are really good to engage with and learn from."

Climate Action – the Ethical Perspective

Maureen Goodman looks at what our collective responsibility towards communities and families directly affected by climate change and towards the generations to come is...

“Whatever we do, whatever place we are in, we should ask first not what shall I do, but what does this place, what does this Earth require of me? In other words we are called not simply to action, but to service. Caring for each other and for the Earth is just that, service, deep service.”

A Timely Invitation to Envision and Enact Collective Transformation!

Dr Rama Mani, Founder, Theatre of Transformation Academy, Research Associate and Convenor, Enacting Global Transformation Initiative, Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford.

"We are living now through such a moment in human history where we are called, each of us, to build the bridge between personal and systemic transformation. We are called to recognise that the old paradigms have asphyxiated not only our institutions but the very possibility of life on earth. We are called to shape and enact new paradigms that are regenerative and infused with care."