A successful 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum

A very successful gathering of the Spirit of Humanity Forum was held in Reykjavik 26-29 April with 175 participants from all continents. The format was simple. Plenaries in the mornings, and workshops and small groups for reflection in the afternoons. The plenaries each took the form of an ‘interview’ with a panel of three to four people sharing not only what they were doing, but also the spiritual transformation that inspired and sustains their work. Contributions were exceptional, in plenary, in workshops, in reflection groups and in one-to-one conversations during the breaks. The beginning and closing of the Forum were celebrated by Icelandic choirs, and children from Icelandic schools decorated the venue for us.

The third forum “Caring for a World in Transition – Building a Foundation for a Loving and Peaceful World“ took place in Reykjavik, Iceland 26-29 April 2017

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Longing for transformation

“The two and a half days felt like a continuous outflowing of stories about love, compassion and transformation. The intensity of this experience felt as a cry, an urgent need for transformation and for ways in which we might enable this transformation to come about. In the end, there was an euphoria that had arisen in the persistent shared experience of people’s lives, of things they cared about, and wanted to share – to say “Look at this, isn’t this something wonderful that we should nurture. Please help me. Can we do this together?”

The spirit connects us

“Just to watch what happens when spiritually minded people come together and meet. It was like old friends meeting again, in spite of seeing each other for the first time, and coming from so many different fields and walks of life. Everyone becomes happy finding so many like-minded souls from around the world. Even just this first impression was so empowering and uplifting.”

Embrace our past

“We need to return to a world view that honours the complementary, the masculine and feminine, the solar and lunar. We have come to a point where what we are doing does not sustain us anymore. We need to get together to avoid the collapse of civilizations. The light will win! Face the state you are in, and hold the light. Combine love with purpose, there is a task bigger than each one of us, join in the task. To move forward, we need to first embrace all of what we have done, for good and for bad. We can’t leave something behind.”

Biggest learnings

What did we learn at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum? Some of our participants share their biggest learnings from Iceland

Three words

What three words did our participants use to describe the Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland? Watch the video and find out!