Clementine Raphel – Loving and caring souls

At the Spirit of Humanity Forum 2017, we welcomed the youth to Iceland to participate. They were brought together by Clementine Raphel, who has shared her thoughts on the Spirit Of Humanity below with some quick-fire questions…

1) What does the spirit of humanity mean to you?

CR – The Spirit Of Humanity Forum is to me a place where I am seen for who I am – a loving and caring soul. It is a place where we recognise the importance of connecting to our deep and true nature and a place where we celebrate and we thank Life for what it offers us.

2) What was the biggest learning you had from the SOH Forum this year?

CR – The biggest breakthrough I had at the Forum this was that that one of my biggest fear is to let my true-self shine. In turn I was actually able to realise how important it was to recognise and allow my unique lightness to spread around the world.

3) And what was the highlight of the Forum for you?

CR – The highlight for me was the connection between people. How people looked with love at each other. The deep and caring connections.

4) How can we ensure values such as love and compassion are spread throughout the world more widely?

CR –  We can ensure these values are spread around the world by connecting ourselves to them and living them fully. Bbeing Love and being compassion. And once we live it fully, it automatically spreads. It all starts within.

5) What is one thing you’d like to see more of in the world?

CR –  Meekness

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