Our Archangel has ascended

Dadi Janki, Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris who helped creating the Spirit of Humanity Forum, has at the age of 104 passed on from this physical life on Friday 27th March 2020.

We are very proud of and humbled by her fierce support SoH Forum, it has been blessed by Dadi Janki from its very start.  She has always been modern, unafraid of new ideas, seeing further than others, acting younger than others and seemed to take a great deal of joy in mixing and make friends with all kinds of people, no matter what status they have in the world. She really represents a true spirit of humanity. She flew all the way from India just to participate at the 1st Forum in 2012 at the age of 96, contributing and listening with a blinding enthusiasm and energy after a long haul travel just to travel all the way back to India again. She created a video message for the opening of the 2nd Forum in 2014 and shared a message for our Newsletter. One of her most memorable statements for the Forum came to her mind on the way out from one of our early meetings, when she suddenly stopped, turned around, wagged her finger warningly and said: “Humanity means humility! No Ego!”

We can now all clearly feel how she is supporting the Forum with light and spiritual power from up above!

Dadi Janki at the Spirit of Humanity Forum

Dadi Janki at the opening – 1st Spirit of Humanity Forum

Om Shanti. A greeting of peace!
Mr President, Mr Mayor, Your Royal Highness, and all my brothers and sisters,
I bring you greetings from Mount Abu and India. I am very happy that the Spirit of Humanity Forum is taking place here in Iceland. The Forum is taking place at the right time! To help humanity we have come here from all over the world.  So, what happens here in Iceland will give light to the whole world. Possible? Light to the whole world. Let’s have one second of silence…

Opening – 1st Spirit of Humanity Forum, 2012

This Forum is for awakening the Spirit of Humanity. In todays world it is as if the spirit of humanity of kindness, of compassion and of love is asleep. We ned to awaken the human spirit, to awaken these qualities within us and to allow these qualities to guide our lives. I am now 96 years old. (Haha!)  And from my childhood I have been guided by love and kindness. Later on in my life I began to know wisdom. God taught me! God taught me the wisdom to understand the heart of another and to be generous and to share my spiritual gifts with others. The most important thing is to give happiness to each other! Most important thing: to give happiness to each other and not to become a cause of sorrow for another human being. Never to hurt the heart of another. Never to hurt the heart of another… Humanity have lost the power of truth and we live in a world of falsehood. We have a lot of fear in a world without trust. When our lives are guided by our humanity there is no fear and we can truly grow and flourish. Decisions based on truth bring prosperity. Decisions based on falsehood and deception bring loss to most of humanity. We wish to re-set the compass of the self and humanity. The key lies in knowing myself and connecting to a divine source of love and strength. This enables my inner compass to right itself and show me the right direction, towards a destination of a better world for all. The Forum will strengthen the hearts of all the participants, uniting us in the coming purpose of moving forwards together as one human family. On behalf of the brothers and sisters of Brahma Kumaris in over 100 countries I wish you all the best for this Forum. The world is waiting for all of us to show the way. Om shanti!

1st SoH Forum 2012
2nd SoH Forum, 2014