A dialogue begins

A dialogue begins when we listen from a space of silence that can welcome what the other has to offer.

In dialogue, we co-create meaning, we act in common to be able to create something new between us, something of very great significance that can – as David Bohm affirms – bring to an end the current difficult problems of the individual and of society.

Through dialogue, a stream of meaning flows among us, through us and between us. Dia-logos, a Greek word that suggests the logos, the word or the meaning of the word, that flows through (dia means through). In dialogue, the flow of meaning in the whole group is possible, out of which may emerge some new understanding. It’s something new, which may not have been in the starting point at all. It’s something creative. And this shared meaning is the ‘glue’ or ‘cement’ that holds people and societies together.

In dialogue, we open up to the emergence and co-creation that is needed to make us flourish, and to co-create a flourishing world in which relationships nurture themselves thanks to dialogue.

We give space to a creative movement when we dialogue in an openness that allows us to communicate freely. It is a movement that connects us and transcends us, taking us to a wider horizon of shared meanings. This flow is possible when we do not hold to ‘our own idea’ and we do not need to defend it, but we are open to exchange – dialogue – co-creating what is, and it becomes relational and not individual or personal.

During the dialogue, we learn to let go of our assumptions and we open up to what is new, different, and yet common and universal.

In dialogue, when we are present and silent within, we create a mirror so that we can see the results of our thoughts. This allows us to be conscious, to raise awareness and embrace the change within that is needed.

At the Spirit of Humanity Forum, we create the space for people to take part in dialogues in which we participate together in creating and sharing common meaning. As Bohm states, “If the individual can hold all of the meanings together in his own mind, he/she has the attitude of the dialogue. … If you make a building with very low-quality cement, it cracks and falls apart. We really need the right cement, the right glue. And that is shared meaning.”

At the Spirit of Humanity Forum, we seek to gather groups of people who are able to dialogue openly and emerge creativity and new meanings. Creating a space of trust, we are able to be ourselves, open up, and share our concerns and our wishes, our aims and our vision for a world, in which values and spirituality can be part of our governing systems and of our daily lives, independently of our cultural, political, social, economic or religious background. By sharing through silence, listening and dialogue, we open to the emergence of a creative, constructive, relational present and future.

By Miriam Subirana

A renowned painter, author, international lecturer and director of Yesouisi, International centre of Creativity, Spirituality and Coaching. Miriam has extensive knowledge and experience of spirituality co-ordinating Brahma Kumaris activities in Spain for many years and after that, she acquired extensive experience working with senior leaders from global companies, public agencies, consultants using Appreciative Inquiry, mindfulness and meditation. She lectures at management schools and universities. Miriam is part of the organisers of the Spirit of Humanity Forum since its beginning.

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