If you wish to support this work

The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a non-profit initiative. Our work is primarily carried out on a voluntary basis, driven by a passionate team dedicated to create a global community of practitioners working with love and compassion, inspiring leadership and promoting a new paradigm of governance at all levels of society. We hope to be bringing about positive changes in the world and nurturing meaningful connections.


It is through the collective efforts of our volunteers that we are able to create a transformative and inclusive platform for all participants.


Partnerships are based on shared values and purpose. A partner's support can manifest through financial support, voluntary work, sharing knowledge, and contributing their unique skills and resources to enrich our collective efforts. Thus the value lies not only in financial contributions but also in the diverse perspectives and experiences that our partners bring to the table.


SoH Forum does not charge for any event and offers all events for free. We invite attendees or participants to donate voluntarily based on their own willingness and ability. We feel that inviting voluntary donations encourages inclusivity and community engagement.

Support the initiative by making it sustainable and available to a wider community by:

  • sponsoring particular events;
  • supporting the process of building a global community;
  • contributing to the longer-term development of the Forum.

Any help you can give in these areas or any other ideas you may have to support the Forum would significantly contribute to its work and reach.

Donate with credit card


Donation through bank transfer:

  • Name of account: Spirit of Humanity Forum

  • Address: Hrísmoar 4, 210 Garðabær, Iceland 

  • IBAN: IS98 0162 3871 0035 5509 1601 00

  • Bank name: Landsbankinn

  • Bank address: Strandgötu 1, 600 Akureyri, Iceland

  • Clearing: Not applicable