Living from love a spiritual transformation: Leading improvement in our conscious awareness

Villa La Angostura – Neuquén,October 24-27, 2018

One identity

We are aligned with the Spirit of Humanity proposal. We have lived the experience of the Reikjavik Forum and we are committed to their principles and their purpose.

We mean to contribute towards a lasting transformation in the world in which core human values such as love, respect, solidarity and compassion become integrated in our decision-making and relational processes, enabling systemic change in organizations, communities and nations.

We ask ourselves what do we have to transform in our personal thoughts and believes in order to gave birth to the kind of society we are looking forward from our spiritual values. We value life and we want to expand our awareness of caring it, in all its forms.  We are open to walk with others this path, to strength our will in the profound encounter with people all over a world.

Learning from others

We know that there are a lot of people willing to enhance from this purpose: as partners of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, we see this work as a way to serve the world and as a pathway for our own learning, growth and transformation. From all the proposal people are dealing with, we want to appeal to those who are base in spreading love, respectful and inner peace.

We honored our history

We recognize that in all times there have been men and women who have given their lives to be faithful to the highest values of human being. We can see now different people willing to live these values in an enormous range of fields and activities. We want to strength these emerging evolution by exploring its implications. We are inspired to contribute to a higher impact of this evolving energy by sharing our experiences of honoring the core values of human beings.

This purposes commit us to be steady in searching new ways to be connected, to make possible deep conversations, to build up innovative forms of encounters, to explore new forms of governance underpinned by care, respect, trust, dialogue and relationships.

Patagonia Argentina October 2018

We thank the support of those who create this movement as we assume the responsibility in organizing the Spirit of Humanity Patagonia Forum in Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentina, in October 24 – 27, 2018.

  • We want to bring to our Latin American Region the idea of modeling the emerging paradigm as it is unfolding, making this conversation accessible in terms of our language, our culture, our different perspectives in dealing with our issues and setting public policies.
  • We believe in the value of sharing experiences, giving way to deep conversations and making visible concrete actions in terms of spiritual values.
  • We have a sense of urgency in creating and supporting new social and economic relations based in cooperation, in caring for people and for nature, in promoting sustainable values for our planet and the mankind.
  • We embrace the idea of understanding today the importance of shaping with our daily decisions the world we want to live tomorrow, evolving as human beings living by our core values.

Living from love a spiritual transformation: Leading improvement in our conscious awareness

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  • Alan Gegenschatz, facilitator, board advisor, explorer, servicing leaders, International Business Partner of Renaissance Executive Forum and Founder of Outobox AG. Alan is part of the founding members, who helped creating and shaping the Spirit of Humanity Forum
  • Javier Casas Rua, former CEO at PWC Argentina, participant at 2nd and 3rd SoH Forum.
  • Sara Caputo, Master in Communication Strategies, Adaptive Leadership Professor and Consultant, participant at the 3rd SoH Forum. Sara lives in Villa La Angostura.
  • Juan Hitzig, Medical Doctor, Programa Longevus, participant 3rd SoH Forum.
  • Myrian Castello, Founder Dream Factory, participant 3rd SoH Forum. Lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
  • Moira Lowe, Director of Brahma Kumaris Argentina.

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