Humanity is moving towards a new paradigm based on core human values, in particular, love, compassion and peacefulness. As far as possible, the Forum seeks to model the emergent new paradigm as it is unfolding, leading us to embrace the following principles:

  • The Forum is participatory, and spaces are co-created for open conversation, dialogue and silent reflection.
  • The essential question we seek to explore is, “How shall we be?” rather than, “What can we do?”
  • Participants are encouraged to share, from the heart, journeys of inspiration, deeper meaning and purpose, and practical steps towards meeting the challenges, and personal and social transformation.
  • The Forum does not apply a registration fee and sponsors all the costs during the event, including venue, refreshments, reception and all programme activities. Our hope is that everyone who is part of the Forum would be responsible for travel and accommodation as their commitment to sharing and learning through taking part in the Forum.
  • We respect and value the contribution of each individual in bringing about transformation, acknowledging that any organisation reflects the individuals within it.