Humility is greatness

Humility is not subservience or undervaluing myself, but the ability to recognise and bow in front of the greatness of others with true appreciation. Humility emerges when I respect myself, not for my roles or my achievements, but by recognising what I am inside, a well-wishing peaceful being and not dependent on approval from others. Humility becomes a shield that protects me from feeling offended or threatened when I am criticised. With self-respect and humility, it is obvious that I can make mistakes just like anyone else and that I can afford to ask for forgiveness. When I feel safe inside I have no need for an ego-guard to defend me and hit back, I don’t take myself seriously, but I am light at heart. Humility protects my heart with peace and tolerance and lets it grow to include everyone whoever they are. I feel connected to all life and my ability to care and support many others develop. This is how true leaders are born. It is not about leaving an impression on others, but about serving a purpose higher than me and let virtue touch the hearts of others.
How to develop humility? Develop self-respect. Get to know, recognise and learn to respect who you are deep inside, spiritually. Who you are behind your daily roles, behind your face, the living being which has the potential of deep goodness. Take time out to reflect, slow down the speed of thoughts. Go into nature and experience silence, connect with the feeling of eternity and connect with what you deeply value in life.

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  1. ML on August 2, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Never regret being a good person with the wrong people. Your behavior speaks all about you and their behavior says enough about them.

    Stay kind and humble Good night!

    – Bayek of Siwa

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