Lungi Makgoba – Love is the most intense power

Lungi Makgoba speaks to Jim Paymar at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum, her second Forum about ‘coming home’ and how ‘love is the most intense power’

JP – What did the Forum mean to you?

LM – It is a coming home, to family. It is such an incredibly precious space. This is my second Forum – coming to Iceland, meeting local people, forming bonds of love and fellowship with them. I have an Icelandic family, and just that spirit of being so warmly welcomed, sharing life, and the Forum is all about that. That spirit where I have come, I have enjoyed, I have seen, really getting to the centre of people’s being in Iceland.

JP – What do you take back with you to South Africa?

LM – For me, there was such an incredible sense, something about the purity of the space here. There is the intensity of our love for each other. Our intentional seeking, that we bring into the space, such a deep level of communication and sharing which really opened spaces in all of us that are real gifts. For me, last time as well as this time, I know I go home a better person and that is a gift to be drawn into the depths of my own being.

JP – You come from South Africa, there was apartheid there but an ability to resolve conflict. You have seen it in your lifetime, how do we bring peace to wherever we go?

LM – It starts with a real deep level of conversation, really touching each other’s hearts and going beyond our everyday definition. Here, we get into that depth and it is a real transformative space we enter. We were gifted with an amazing process. There was a workshop on peace building and it was phenomenal work. What we achieved in 45 minutes, that is what I have to bring home. That piece of work will be transitioning home with me.

JP – The collaboration allows you to bring something back and transform?

LM – Yes. That is really important. When we sit in our own spaces, the work is overwhelming and I have found just pulling away and being immersed and blessed with the presence of like minded people here, that is real energy.

JP – How would you explain SOH, and what you experienced?

LM – That is a tough one, but for me it is really getting into the depths of spirituality. The diversity of the spiritual voice in here just brings such richness into my life.

JP – And the people you meet, is there a connection you feel immediately?

LM – It is very deep. Last time I came, it was the first session and I could literally absorb the energy. After one session it was almost shocking to my system, I almost needed to pull away because there was this intense love, the room was on fire. So there is a real power in what we do here and when I was saying in my session, this is fuel, there is something transformational, something magical.

JP – It is about we, not me?

LM – And Sister Jayanti, I was talking to her, and saying what is it about this intensity at SOH that is so powerful? And she was saying, also it is perhaps that each and every one of us were seekers, very intense seekers, people are putting everything, all of themselves, when they come here to try and make it work, to try and make a difference. It is a gift in our life.

JP – There are 7.2 billion people on this earth, if you could say one thing, what would you like them to know?

LM – I would love them to know that love is the most intense power. We have access to it immediately. If we unleash the love in our hearts, that is the power that can heal the world and that is what the world is yearning for that right now. So let’s open our hearts, and be the bearers of light.

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