Mohinder Singh – Humanity leaves nobody outside

Mohinder Singh spoke to Jim Paymar at the 2017 Spirit of Humanity Forum in Iceland

Jim Paymar – Why did you come to the Spirit of Humanity Forum?

MS – I have come because we needed change, and we need it quick. So how can we treat the change? We treat it by being use. The English proverb, the wise have after-thoughts first. Which means if you are looking to the future you want to be a visionary, you should be wise. So where do we get wisdom from? You get wisdom from good sacred text. And they provide you with values, virtues and integrity. If you are equipped with good virtues and spirituality then your vision would be right. The change you are seeking would be right

JP – Why is it important for SOH Forums to occur?

MS – When you talk about humanity, it leaves nobody outside. We are all human, each one of us we are interconnected and interdependent. What we do affects others. So the SOH, everybody is in it. That is a good title, it is not spirit of one group of humanity. It is all humans spread over this mother planet. And these are global issues, and global issues need global solutions, so we have to have a collective.

JP – If we are all one humanity, why are we off in so many different directions, fighting and constantly getting into conflict?

MS – Because we forget what you said. If we realise we are one, our prayers can be different. Our tears, are the same. The pain is the same. We aspire to have the same things. When we forget this we start to become selfish, we don’t want to go beyond ourselves and sacrifice for the other. We all have our own handicaps and weaknesses; we have to appreciate that. We have to do good even for the wicked because they are part of us. We mustn’t forget we are all one. But there is a paradox, 7.28billion people, I am one, you are one. And there are no duplicates, or carbon copies. Millions have come before, and million in the future, but no two are identical. Look at the infinite diversity, we should rejoice. People will think differently, but the core is the same, the spirit is the same.

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