My attitude determines everything

The key to real, continuous inner happiness lies in the attitude of my own mind; how I choose relate. It is all about transforming a negative attitude to a positive attitude by maintaining good wishes, no matter what. With a negative attitude, I am the one feeling distressed in my own mind. If I have waste thoughts, feeling critical or worried, what am I contributing? How can I bring benefit? So first of all, I must check my own self: am I carrying any conflict in my own mind? To be clear about what is accurate and inaccurate is necessary. If someone makes a mistake I can see it, but to keep someone else’s weakness in my heart is a big mistake on my part. To keep my heart clean whoever I come in contact with, I need to strengthening my benevolent attitude and keep good wishes in my heart. I will receive good wishes and cooperation from others when they sense my attitude. It is called to give blessings and receive blessings. A clean heart brings clarity in thought also.

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