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3rd Forum, Reykjavík 2017

The third forum “Caring for a World in Transition – Building a Foundation for a Loving and Peaceful World“ will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland 26-29 April.

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A global platform for leaders and change makers

The Spirit of Humanity (SoH) Forum (www.sohforum.org) offers a global platform for leaders and change-makers seeking to contribute towards a lasting transformation in the world in which core human values such as love, respect, solidarity and compassion become integrated in our decision-making and relational processes, enabling systemic change in organisations, communities and nations. This is part of our ‘duty of care’ for the Earth and for Humanity at large.

The Forum focuses on spirituality in leadership, and explores new forms of governance underpinned by care, respect, trust, dialogue and relationships.

As partners of the SoH Forum, we see this work as a way to serve the world and as a pathway for our own learning, growth and transformation.

Caring for a World in Transition

Today’s world is in transition, and there is a growing and widespread understanding of the need for interconnectedness, harmony and peace in the world. For this reason, the Spirit of Humanity Forum (SoH) seeks values-based approaches to governance in our private and public lives. In the words of Swedish Ambassador Ragnar Ängeby, one of the Forum’s founders, “the lasting improvements to the world’s conditions require a change of consciousness that will strengthen our ability to live by the highest values intrinsic to our humanity.”

The third SoH Forum, to be held on 26-29 April 2017 in Reykjavik, will focus attention on the urgent necessity of building and strengthening our global societies and communities as part of our duty to care for and support a world in transition, including caring for ourselves, for each other and for the planet Earth.

We have observed that in the transition towards a new paradigm there are movements and initiatives that centre on structural reform, social justice, human rights and equalities in the world, the ‘outer’ expressions of peace, and there are those that stress tranquility and the contemplative life, the ‘inner’ experience of peacefulness. It hence requires us to better integrate these two approaches to creating a loving and peaceful world.

Underlying the notion of care is also a recognition of the sacredness in being human and in nature, and of the interdependence between the humanity and the planet. This recognition involves a spiritual dimension which can enable us to open ourselves to the divine and to transcendent realities.

Thus SoH Forum Reykjavik 2017 will encourage leaders and change-makers at all levels to explore what it means to live from the ‘inside-out’ as well as the ‘outside-in’, and how this relational way of being supports a global transformation from fear and separation towards love and wholeness.

The central questions we wish to explore:

  • In strengthening this spiritual foundation, how might leaders help transform processes of governance in different sectors of society?
  • How might our ‘duty of care’ and a growing collective consciousness change decision-making processes in ways that express more love and foster compassion for each other and for the planet?
  • How might leaders nurture themselves and others in order to sustain the spiritual foundation for a caring society?
  • In what way might spiritual communities around the globe help shift human consciousness from fear and separation towards love and wholeness?
  • How do we ensure our actions are shaped by our inner values and clear purpose?

Reykjavík 2017 is set to:

Raise awareness and deepen our understanding of the need for a spiritual foundation for global peace and to express and share formative ideas about effecting changes in social and institutional structures to nurture, support and integrate core human values.

To do so, the Forum will enable space for dialogue, listening, contemplation, heartfelt enquiry and common learning. Participants are invited to share, inspire and be inspired and to collaborate in enacting a new narrative of caring for a world in transition.

Similar to previous SoH Forums, Reykjavík 2017 will feature a wide range of activities, including: inspirational narratives, dialogic round-tables, experiential workshops, personal sharing, contemplative reflection, informal conversations and rich Icelandic cultural and artistic experiences.

Programme Outline – As of 24 April 2017

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SoH Forum Reykjavík 2017 welcomes leaders, practitioners, professionals, thinkers and change-makers from diverse fields including the following:

  • Education and Social Work
  • Health and Health Care
  • Science and Environment
  • Business and Economy
  • Politics, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
  • Arts, Culture, Media and Sports

We hope that the Forum will once again serve as a place of inspiration and understanding, leading to formative ideas about effecting changes, renewed practical work and a greater realisation of the central place of spiritual values in our global society and in our relationship with nature and the planet as a whole.

For further information about the SoH Forum and enquiries about how to participate in SoH Forum Reykjavík 2017, please contact:

Lotta Arbman
Secretariat, Spirit of Humanity Forum
(+46) 729 110 485
Email: lotta.arbman@sohforum.org

The venue

The venue for the 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum will be Háskólabíó, The University Cinema, Conference & Cultural Center, Hagatorg, 107 Reykjavík

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