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Project Description

Clémentine Raphel’s biggest dream is to see flourishing spaces in public schools all around the world, where students, parents and teachers can share their emotions, feelings, fears and dreams. Sacred moments, during which each one can connect to their potential and cultivate self-love and gratitude; where they can learn to welcome their own and others’ emotions with compassion and courage. Clémentine’s challenging experience in school, as a ‘top of the class’ perfectionist and a very stressed student, encouraged her to explore her inner world and its relationship with the outer world. She started questioning our society and felt that she wanted to take part in changes to the educational system. It became clear to her that we cannot  have a peaceful and loving world unless we are at peace with ourselves; and this can be learned at school. As an ambassador for youth in the Education 4 Peace foundation, Clémentine wishes to see society growing more caring and loving.