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Project Description

Mark Milton’s life was transformed when he became a volunteer in a suicide prevention hotline and has since then been advocating for the integration of self-knowledge and listening skills in national school curricula. He founded the Swiss foundation, Education 4 Peace, in 2002 to fulfil a vision of peace, non-violence and well-being becoming priorities in children’s school education. 2001–2010 Mark was President of IFOTES (International Federation of Telephonic Emergency Services) which has 30,000 volunteers in 31 countries. In 2007 IFOTES and Education 4 Peace launched the first International congress on the theme of ‘emotional health’, co-sponsored by the WHO. Since 2008 Mark has been co-operating with international sports organisations inviting the introduction of self-awareness and emotional competencies into their basic education for children, initiating a programme sponsored by UEFA called ‘Master Your Emotions’.