SoH Forum wishes to support an emerging community of practitioners of core human values

The Forum encourages the practical application of spiritual values or ‘core human values’ in the different fields and parts of the world where participants are active. We hope that the SoH Forums can encourage, empower, inspire and nourish participants spiritually in such a way that they can:

  • begin or deepen their own spiritual practice on a daily basis to sustain the experiences they have received,
  • develop friendships and maybe collaborations with other participants, to support and inspire each other spiritually and maybe even develop practical work together.

In this way the SoH Forum wishes to support an emerging community of practitioners by sharing success stories of applying spiritual values or ‘core human values’ in decision-making in all levels of society. The meaning of Spirit, Humanity and Forum is explained.


  • Encourage spiritual values like peace, love, compassion, empathy, humility, caring, non-violence, trust etc.
  • Encourage spiritual practices and experiences, especially silence, reflection, introspection and mindfulness which enhance self-awareness, personal integrity and responsibility.
  • Encourage an understanding for spirituality beyond religious divides and dogma.


  • Encourage a universal, inclusive, diverse outlook. Encourage the awareness of being members of one human family and the value of being humane.


  • Holding a space for listening, sharing, reflecting, discussing with openness and humility.
  • The Forum does not promote any particular project or ideology, but wants to showcase examples of personal transformation from any field or background which can inspire hope and courage in others for their personal transformation too.