SoH Forum in Icelandic Caring for a World in Transition

For the first time a SoH Forum especially for Icelanders

On 22 September 2018, a very successful regional SoH Forum in Icelandic was held in Reykjavik on the importance of core human values in leadership under the theme ‘Caring for a World in Transition’. It attracted over 50 leaders and changemakers from different fields, and has strengthened our roots in Iceland. It was also an important step in the planning of our next international SoH Forum in Reykjavik 2019. With beautiful music, meditation, plenary, silent reflections and dialogue groups, it was a wonderful day with rich conversations which inspired and strengthened us in our journey to connect to values like love, compassion and respect, and live them in our life and work.


  • Gunnar Hersveinn, philosopher and writer

  • Guðni Gunnarsson, writer and founder, Rope Yoga

  • Einar Bárðarson, environmental activist, music writer and entrepreneur

  • Marta Magnúsdóttir, head, Scout movement, Iceland.

  • Þóranna Jónsdóttir, assistant professor, University of Reykjavik, and business leader consultant

  • Óttarr Proppé, musician, actor, former Reykjavík City Councillor and former Member of Parliament


Our inspirations and insights from the day were many – including:

  • We need to learn to work with care, which increases the kindness and respect in our communities.
  • Let’s be servant leaders, and learn to listen and trust. Serving others makes us better people.
  • It is important to listen and to be able to put ourselves in the position of others.
  • Peace is not a concept. It is a state of mind that manifests in our behaviour.
  • Peacefulness, kindness that is the source of gratitude, is the key to success.
  • Choose responses in all situations that are based on love and light.
  • It is not enough to know honesty, we need to learn honesty.
  • If we want positive changes in the world, we need to be the change. If no-one wants to change, no changes will happen.
  • It is not enough to decide to have values, we need to live them.