Rama Mani – The Gift of Peace

A Peace Booklet by award winning humanist and peace artist, William Kelly and peacebuilder, poet and performance artist Rama Mani is now available.

This peace booklet was offered by Rama and Bill on International Non-Violence day (2 October 2017) as a heartfelt gift to humanity at this time of global turmoil.

It is grounded in the founding philosophy of the Theatre of Transformation of creating circles of solidarity and nurturing a culture of gifting through all its work. Any gifts you

feel moved to make to support the peace missions of the Theatre of Transformation Academy, and the academic-policy dialogues of the Enacting Global Transformation Initiative at Oxford are deeply appreciated.

“The powerful feelings involved in violent political conflict require those who would make peace to employ emotion as well as thinking. This little book will introduce you to the remarkable way that Rama Mani and Bill Kelly weave poetry and art into a powerful rope that draws us to new insights.
Engage with it, and be moved.”

– Professor, the Lord Alderdice, Co-Founder & Director of the Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict, University of Oxford, First Speaker of the new Northern Ireland Assembly, Leader of the Alliance Party and peace negotiator in the Good Friday Agreement.

“With their beautiful little book, Bill Kelly and Rama Mani offer a grand treat for the soul of all peace-lovers. And they demonstrate in the process how poetry, art and storytelling can, at times, better contribute to conflict resolution challenges than weighty text books.”

– Professor Kalypso Nicolaidis, Director of the Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford.

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