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It was a wonderful coming-together of around 200 leaders and changemakers from 38 countries, who participated in plenaries, workshops and contemplative dialogues to explore how personal transformation can lead to global transformation. And how, by learning to connect to our deeper spiritual values and aligning with them in our actions, a positive shift can occur in how we relate to ourselves, to others and the world at large.

We selected the title, ‘Discovering harmony in a world of difference – spiritual resilience in practice’, to promote a shift in human consciousness towards a rediscovery of harmony as an innate property of our being; a shift that can help us to perceive difference not as a threat, but as a creative driving force for collaboration and harmony.

Harmony has spiritual qualities such as love at its core, which enables us to draw parts into an integrated whole and make systems work constructively, benevolently.

When we reaffirm our spiritual bond, we can start to re-weave the broken threads of our communities and our world into wholeness. Seeking ways to rediscover harmony in a world of difference, we invited leaders and changemakers to explore how spiritual qualities can strengthen our resilience and sustain us in an inner state of peacefulness, despite pressures and fears.

Space for reflection and sharing amongst participants becomes very important. We wish to create a spiritually-charged atmosphere that promotes personal realisations and helps us all to connect with each other more deeply.

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Contributors at the International 4th Forum 2019