Prof Alexander Schieffer

Co-Founder, Trans4m Center for Integral Development
Switzerland and France

The destructive drama and renaissance potential of our times call us to move beyond individual and organizational transformation processes, to evoke and engage with the collective and shared spirit of humanity. This orientation of the Forum profoundly resonates with me and Trans4m, the “organisation-movement” I co-founded. The focus of this year’s forum “Caring for a World in Transition” is not only also the guiding theme of our work, it is also at the heart of the transformational Integral Worlds approach that we developed, with CARE (as a motivation but also as a concept) playing a central role. I am looking forward to join and contribute to the coimaginative and co-creative space provided by the Spirit of Humanity Forum – holistically engaging with body, heart, mind, spirit and soul of our individual and collective humanity.