Anne Bahr Thompson, Managing Director, Philanthropy at Synergos

Anne Bahr Thompson leads the Synergos Philanthropy program, which helps philanthropists and other changemakers increase their impact by enabling them to connect to purpose, build trust, and collaborate with others. She is also a member of Synergos’ Executive Team.

For me spirituality isn’t a practice. It’s a way of being – of harmoniously connecting with myself, other people and the natural world every day, and in every moment. The Forum is an opportunity to unite with others who are also focused on living harmoniously— on creating a society in which regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, people are focused on our common humanity and bond with nature.

As we’ve acknowledged social diversity, we’ve grown more fragmented. Many people have lost the sense of identity that comes from belongingness. Orchestrating harmony in this world of difference is essential to reinvigorating this.

“Harmony in a World of Difference – Spiritual Resilience in Practice”. Society is our common project, and compassion for one another is essential for coming together as a collective. When we open our hearts and look inside ourselves we are better equipped to have compassion for others. We move beyond resilience as a means of recovering from crisis to spiritual resilience as a quality of internal strength that guides us to solve systemic challenges and cultivate a more harmonious way of life.