Dr. Diana Whitney, Founder and President Emerita, Corporation for Positive Change, Co-Founder and Director Emerita, Taos Institute, USA

I can think of no better community than the SOH community to be with at this time in history. While we are all facing challenges of global consequence, members of the SOH community realize that the way to address these challenges is by strengthening our spiritual convictions and ways of being.  In my tradition we say, “we do these things so the people may live.” While this sounds like a call to worldly action it is actually a call to spiritual cultivation, a call to become a better person as a way of creating a better world. The SOH Forum is a space for learning, sharing and practicing to embody spiritual values such as love, compassion, forgiveness and peace, to address issues of leadership, governance and global wellbeing.  The SOH Forum is a gathering of kindred spirits – leaders from around the world serving their communities to be more just and at peace. Where else would I want to be?