Domen Kocevar 2

Domen Kocevar

Founder and director of Theosophical Library of Alma M. Karlin, Liberal Catholic Bishop, Kriya yoga student, founder and director of a Medical Center Paracelsus, teacher of Sociology and Theology. Presently working with Dr. Nina Meyerhof on One Humanity Institute in Auschwitz, symbol of the worst side of humans, with goal to educate, awaken and lead to be able to step above the roles of victims and villains and be firm in NEVER AGAIN and build a Culture of Peace.

It is so good to see so much good work happening around the world, so many fully dedicated people rising up in working for the betterment of Humanity. Thinking and understanding of the Humanity Holistically is strongly kicking into the mainstream. Daring people with caring hearts and minds in action are gathering and anchoring the knowing of connectedness of us all. And Spirit for Humanity Forum is one of the important growers of Spiritual Resilience in Practice – as it is the theme of this year’s gathering. Really excited to meet you all and think, care and work together!