Dr. Thomas Bruhn is the initiator and leader of the research group AMA (A Mindset for the Anthropocene) at the IASS Potsdam. Coming from a background in physics his interest shifted towards transdisciplinary research on how the transformation of mental paradigms and specific qualities like mindfulness and compassion can be integrated in processes for sustainability. He is also working on the design and facilitation of co-creative formats in the context of political decision making.
Beside his research he is active in several NGOs, e.g. as member of the executive board of the German Chapter of the Club of Rome.

A reflection on the theme: 'Towards a Loving World, Leadership and Governance for Well-Being'.

A reflection on the theme: 'Towards a Loving World, Leadership and Governance for Well-Being'.
I am surprised, how frequently I am hearing people speak explicitly about love and wellbeing as guiding principles for leadership and governance. Somehow, I have ambiguous feelings about this. On the one hand I feel very encouraged of course. On the other hand I am even a bit worried to what extent these words may remain beautiful lip service while actual behavior might stay stuck in structures and relationship patterns of transgression and violence. I empathize with leaders who often experience substantial pressures and dependencies in their daily responsibilities and hope that the forum can strengthen all participants in their capacity to live and lead in accordance with their aspirations.

What motivates you to participate in the SoH Forum?
My experience is that those who hold genuine intentions and act out of a deeper sensitivity and care often experience very challenging conditions in their work context and leadership roles. The forum is a wonderful opportunity for these kinds of people to meet and exchange with like-minded others and build resonances that can strengthen themselves and each other. This kind of trustworthy community building around shared values is a key foundation for all our efforts to contribute to a more peaceful and flourishing world. I am looking forward to many inspiring and encouraging encounters and experiences at the Forum.