Emilie Parry, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, School of Geography & the Environment –and– the Inter-Religious Climate &Ecology Network

An awakening around the planet is underway. This awakening is linked to an emerging awareness of the deep interconnection of all Beings upon the Living Planet, as we experience the upheaval of the Anthropocene’s changing climate. I believe it is within responsively relational values, rooted in care for all beings, that hope resides.  In my experience, the deepest and most sustainable shift in consciousness and care initiates within, catalysing healing change in the world–and the world as ‘Self.’ I have witnessed this shift with local actors, spiritual leaders and global decision-makers across Asia and around the planet. Sacred / Spiritual Ecology, seeded within a myriad of belief systems and traditional environmental wisdom, offers insights for healing our planet and ourselves.

I look forward to joining with others at the Spirit of Humanity Forum, who hail from such varied walks of life, belief systems and experiences, to explore together these spaces of hope and possibility.