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Hellen Mugo

Director for research and partnership on a voluntary basis in the secretariat of CYNESA, Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa, a network of youth across sub-Saharan Africa to address environmental degradation & climate change in our different contexts.

I am keen on youth and women’s participation in development.

I am eager to meet other participants with different backgrounds at the forum, to share and learn from each other how to embrace and maintain higher values in our everyday life in the context of our personal, family, community and work life, and as part of the larger universe.

In a world with so many challenges and so much hopelessness, we need to get together through such forums to share, reflect and motivate each other. This forum reminds us and gives us encouragement that there is hope for a better world, and enables us to support each other in sustaining that hope. This way, we can contribute more towards a better world!

Each one of us is in the universe now because we have a higher purpose t o grow ourselves and the world us. We may have different backgrounds in human terms such as race, faith, economics and way of life, but our diversity as part of creation is complimentary. We need to know who we are as individuals, see our place as a part of a larger system and embrace other human beings and all of creation.