Hjörtur 2

Revd Hjörtur Magni Jóhannsson

Minister & Director of Reykjavík Lutheran Free Church by the Pond 

Mother Earth is suffering. In her we have our origin, and to her, at least regarding our physical bodies, we will return when we all will die.  For the sake of our children, grandchildren and all the different children of mother earth, we need to make peace with her, we need to harmonise with her again.   The growing awareness of people, communities, institutions and governments all around the globe, the growing awareness of the life threatening, environmental threat that is upon us, should be a catalyst and an encouragement to lead us all in the direction of „Discovering Harmony in a World of Difference “.

I believe that Coming together at the SoH Forum in Reykjavík will help us to create the – Spiritual Resilience in Practice, that is needed. Hope to see you there.