Dr Jenneth Parker, Research Director, Schumacher Institute, UK

I believe that an inspirational collective approach is needed to help to heal this world – socially and ecologically and to handle the transition to sharing life on this Earth more peacefully and equitably. The people we reach out to would be all those who try to inform their work and daily life by a practice of values of tolerance and love. For me this also includes creativity and openness to knowledge from others and from other traditions – including science.

We need to use absolutely all our gifts in this endeavour – including both critical and constructive intelligence in a spirit of collective inquiry. This is the Spirit that I felt around in the previous Forum and I am thirsty to experience it again. Together we can be ambitious to make new connections and rapid progress to help provide a voice and resources for all those who seek another way, a way not based on division, conflict and hierarchy, but a way based on our collective human condition: The Spirit of Humanity at its best.