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Jóhanna Vilhjálmsdóttir has worked as a reporter and hosted and edited number of television programs in Iceland. She was one of the presenters and editors of Good Morning Iceland, Iceland Today and in a team of reporters on the news program “Kastljós” of the National Broadcasting Company in Iceland – RUV. Jóhanna studied political science and international politics in University of Iceland and Copenhagen University but her passion today lies in how we can use nutrition and lifestyle to stay healthy and decrease the use of drugs. She edited her own TV program on health and authored a best seller book in Iceland on nutrition and health where she explains how inflammation is an underlying factor in the major diseases of modern times and how lifestyle can encourage inflammation and diseases or prevent them. Jóhanna has been involved in voluntary work for UNICEF in Iceland for several years and was a member of the board of UNICEF National Committee in Iceland. Jóhanna lives currently in Germany with her husband and children.

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+49 175 765 87 66