Linda has a background of exploring creativity and the human condition. She is a child of nature born into village life in Iceland but in her early teenage moved to London where she lived for 25 years. Her work as a Production Designer within the medium of film for over 20 years explored the way of dreaming worlds into being and manifesting reality. As a designer she has also landscaped natural Playgrounds, created festival/conference areas, interiors of schools with a core theme of connection to nature, up-cycling and playfulness. She is now a certified Energy Healer and Shamanic Minister running Sólsetrið a Centre dedicated to supporting humanity towards remembering their divinity.

I was the designer of SOH 3 years in a row, in cooperation with children from various schools. On two of those occasions I was also a participant in the Conference and always found the experience more than rewarding. My heart is dedicated to the advancement of humanity and this Forum represents to me a key element of generating this energy of empowered compassionate transformation in the world.

As ever the theme is strong and as a core generating energy Love and Well Being is surely the way to inspire all Governance as well as leadership. I so appreciate how SOH has always emphasised love as a primal force of world and human transformation towards harmony, prosperity, unity, peace and ultimately the formation of a New Earth Paradigm.