Maureen 2021

Maureen Goodman is the Programme Director for Brahma Kumaris, UK and the Brahma Kumaris representative at the United Nations, Vienna.  Maureen has endeavoured to make spirituality accessible to people at all levels of society including in healthcare, education, with young people and women’s issues. From 1991, for 20 years, she oversaw the Brahma Kumaris work within the UK prison system, ‘Spirituality in Prison’, offering meditation and values-based workshops in prisons and residential seminars for staff. Maureen has had long term involvement in inter-religious dialogue and represents the Brahma Kumaris on the Board of Religious Leaders of the Elijah Interfaith Institute and The Peace Pledge to Live Loving-Kindness & Compassion. She is currently involved in preparing the Brahma Kumaris contribution to COP 26 in Glasgow, exploring the connection between our inner state of being and the state of our Earth.