Michael Wernstedt SQUARE

Michael Wernstedt

A social entrepreneur with a devotion to build a world where all life on earth thrive. Co-founded and led the political party the Initiative and the NGO Raoul Wallenberg Academy.

We are standing at a crossroad as humanity. Our old structures are falling apart and the transition towards new structures is going too slow. In light of this if feels very meaningful to come to SoH Forum to meet, learn from and contribute to other people that are building new structures. It also feels like an opportunity for personal growth and new insights.

In order to avoid collapse we need to build new structures that are regenerative both on a societal level and on a personal level. Gatherings like to SoH are instrumental both for growing as an individual but also in bringing people together that can cross-pollinate each others ideas and build new structures together.

In traditional and the industrial society we have found stability in a stable, constant environment. Now that the environment is ever changing we need to find stability within ourselves. Personal growth therefore becomes more important. A spiritual practice like meditation is therefore vital to do that. So are other ways of connect to something larger than yourself, like spending time in nature.