Myrian Castello
From the countriside of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Myrian is a Facilitator and Activist for everyone’s right to dream. Co-Founder of Fábrica dos Sonhos and International Right to Dream Movement, international facilitator international facilitator of participatory processes, focusing on collaboration and development of people, teams, organization, Consultant for Another Possible World, specialist in Culture of Peace, participated in International Leadership Programs and in a UN peace conference in NY and was one of the young people chosen by Pope Francis for the creation and implementation of a new economy, being the Children Flourishing Index coordinator within the village Policies and Happiness.

A reflection on the theme: 'Towards a Loving World, Leadership and Governance for Well-Being'.

The world where I want to leave is a world where everyone has opportunities to be who they want to be, they all have basic needs fullfilled and theis right to dream guaranteed. This world is a world where we really see each other, where the Leaders take decisions really thinking in the common good. Is a world where people feel belonging and that these leaders really embrace their essence, and love.

What motivates you to participate in the SoH Forum?
I want to leave this planet better than I found it by connecting people, improving relationships and making together the change we wanna see. I want to connect with people. Also, Beyond any title we are all humans. We need to remember that so we can take care of each other and of our planet, I believe in love and in dreams as a path to make a change and while we still have people banalizing these terms this proves that we need to spread them. "She dreams too much". There is never too much for loving (real love) and for dreaming. And being with leaders talking about love, governance and wellbeing in a world full of challenges and hate speech, for me, helps to change the world.