Pops Mohamed

Pops Mohamed is a South African multi-instrumentalist, jazz musician and producer. He is an Afro-jazz legendary musician who has lovingly rediscovered and revived the indigenous African music of southern African tribes and brought them to global attention over the past 30 years.

Born in Benoni, Gauteng Pops Mohamed’s career in music was the logical outcome of an early exposure at Dorkay House to the likes of Abdullah Ibrahim and Kippie Moeketsi. Known by fans as the Minister of Music, he plays a wide variety of instruments:African mouth bow, bird whistle, berimbau, didgeridoo, guitar, keyboard, kora, and the thumb piano. He is also known for his wide range of musical styles which include kwela, pop, and soul. He produced Finding One’s Self, the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa’s award-winning album.

Pops has also performed regularly with and sits on the board of the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Compan.    http://www.melt2000.com