I was born in 1984 in Reykjavík. I grew up in Iceland and I’ve spent most of my life living in Iceland. I had a chance though to study abroad in Stockholm and New York and spent periods in Berlin, as well as traveling quite a lot through my work as a musician.

I express myself on a soul level through music, singing and poetry. The other important roles I play to name a few are being a mother, wife, daughter, business student, vegan food enthusiast, animal lover and a raja-yoga student. I love to read books and I love listening to music and discovering new music.

SoHForum’s note:

Ragnheiður Gröndal (Ragga) has been described as one of Iceland’s most remarkable voices.  The sound of Ragga Gröndal’s music is warm, adventurous and modern, yet accessible for curious music-lovers. At the heart of it is Ragga’s unique vocal expression who has been described as one of Iceland’s most remarkable vocalists. The longing to share music with the world is a part of a bigger collective dream that music can have the power to unite people who come from a different background. Music holds the key to understanding and compassion and is the strongest available medicine for the soul.

A reflection on the theme: 'Towards a Loving World, Leadership and Governance for Well-Being'.

It's all very interesting to me. I'm curious to see how today's business and political environment and well-being of people can go together hand in hand. Sometimes I'm not very optimistic and I feel so much needs to change. But I strongly believe that well-being starts inside. And we must change on the inside to change the outside.

What motivates you to participate in the SoH Forum?
My curiosity and longing to be of service.