Paris-based pianist and composer Renara Akhoundova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan. Since 2004 she has recorded over 100 original compositions and performed in 17 countries. Improvisation has always been the beating heart of her work as a musician. Today she works as a musical therapist, combining personal improvisations with her rich background and diverse experience in Nonviolent Communication and other therapeutic methods. A selection of her recorded music and live performances can be found on YouTube and numerous streaming platforms.

A reflection on the theme: 'Towards a Loving World, Leadership and Governance for Well-Being'.

It is an art to be completely PRESENT. For me, music is the most direct and delicate way to bring myself and my listeners into the present moment.
Music creates a bridge for people to move out of thinking and into Presence.
For me, art is truth, art is presence. More than ever, we need to bring this art into all levels of society for the good of our communities and our planet.

What motivates you to participate in the SoH Forum?

When I work with people as an art therapist, or when I’m invited by the organisers of special events to share my music, I observe the healing power of music, and how this music brings the listeners into PRESENCE with themselves and the world around them.