The Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa

“The Christian Bible says, in Psalm 24, that “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.” We are further commanded to love our neighbour as ourselves. Because we are stewards of the Lord’s planet, created in and for love, caring for one another and the world is not an optional extra but an imperative for all people of faith.

Caring is an expression of radical loving and compassion. In other faiths, God is described as the most compassionate and loving God who cares for us and the whole of the created order. When we love and create peace within ourselves and the world we are caring and co-creating with God—both a privilege and a challenging invitation.

Loving and building a peaceful world requires that we act courageously in pointing out anything that demeans and defiles the world and its people. This inevitably means coming into conflict with uncaring people, policies and systems. Might nuclear weapons, excessive wealth when others are poor, and the fear of speaking out also constitute unloving and uncaring behaviours?

As an individual and as a companion to those I have the privilege of walking with, I commit to being part of iota in caring for a world in transition and becoming a building block for a loving and a peaceful world for my children, their children’s children and the world.”