European Director, Brahma Kumaris

“I wish to congratulate the organisers for the two beautiful events that took place in Reykjavik for the Spirit of Humanity Forum. I look forward to the 3rd in April 2017.

My work takes me all over the world to many difference communities and I see the transition the world is going through. I have also understood that real change in society only happens through change within the human heart. I am therefore fascinated by the connection between the inner and outer world. Spirituality helps us understand what’s going on in the inner world. Science helps us understand what’s happening in the outer world. Looking at the world ‘outside’, it’s clear that it is going through a huge transition. Through the power of silence we can experience our world ‘inside’ and reconnect with our inner treasures of peace, love and truth. This enables us to understand more clearly the connection between the inner and the outer.

For many years, I have been involved with the environment, especially climate change and I see inner upheaval as the cause of upheaval in the world.  The word ‘ecology’ comes from the Greek oikos (home). It can be useful to look at ecology in the following way. We all have a number of different homes:

  • The first home is in our mind, which generates our thoughts and feelings.
  • The second is our physical body – the temple of the spirit;
  • The third is the home where family interaction takes place;
  • The fourth home is the earth – the stage for our human family play;
  • The fifth is the universe – our bigger home, where the planet is located.

Having created the chaos outside, it’s possible for us to transform the situation by returning to our original state of being, of peace, love and truth. This then impacts the world around us.”