Dr Thomas Bruhn

A physicist interested in the changing relationality of humanity in the earth system. He leads the project “A Mindset for the Anthropocene” and is a member of the Cub of Rome Germany.

The SoH Forum provides unique opportunities to explore resonances between inner transformation and sustainability.  I hope to connect with inspiring people who are motivated by a similar deeper intention like myself and yet complementary in their experiences and perspectives of the world. I would like to simultaneously share and nourish my hopes and visions for the flourishing of our planet.

It is a precious gift that a forum like SoH provides a safe space for building and experiencing strong relations among change agents commited to a humanitarian future. In my experience many people of good intentions live in marginalized spaces or even hostile context and are in need of experiencing that they are part of a strong emerging community. The SoH Forum is a crucial catalyst for this.

I often meet the notion that harmony was something pristine within the human being that is “disturbed” by the outside world. In my experience, all beings are in omnipresent relationality with the world and the “world of difference” is never a distant “other”. So, to me there is no harmony in isolation from the world. Rather, harmony arises in the balance of identity in relationality.