The fruit of PATIENCE is very sweet

The fruit of patience is very sweet

In a society of quick fixes, where we kill our pain with a tablet and get instant delivery with our credit cards, we easily suffer the impatience syndrome. Aristotle said “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” But actually, impatience is bitter while the fruit of patience is always very sweet. Patience supports the soul with faith, confidence, humility and trust in life, patience help you maintain peace when circumstances are not peaceful. Patience puts me in touch with the rhythm of nature and help me live like a good gardener, coming in and doing my tasks according to the needs. Watering and picking weeds in its own time, and leaving the garden to care for itself at its own time. Not interfering, controlling or trying to use force, but humbly aligning with the laws of nature, the laws of harmony and then nature serves me.

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