After experiensing the 3rd SoH Forum in Reykjavik 2017 a group of participants came forward and offered to create a complete replica of the event in Patagonia, Argentina.

This was their comittment:

We are grateful for the support of those who created this movement, as we assume responsibility for organising the Spirit of Humanity Patagonia Forum in Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentina, 24-27 October 2018.

  • We want to bring to our Latin American Region the idea of modelling this emerging paradigm as it is unfolding, making this conversation accessible in terms of our language, our culture, our different perspectives in dealing with our issues and setting public policies.
  • We believe in the value of sharing experiences, which promote deep conversations, and making actions visible in terms of spiritual values.
  • We have a sense of urgency to create and support new social and economic relations; based on co-operation, caring for people and for nature, and promoting sustainable values for our planet and mankind.
  • We embrace and understand the importance of how our decisions today shape the world we want to live in tomorrow; evolving as human beings living by our core values.

One identity

We are aligned with the Spirit of Humanity Forum (SoH). Having taken part in the Reykjavík Forum, we are committed to the principles and purpose of the SoH Forum.

We intend to contribute towards a lasting transformation in the world, in which core human values – such as love, respect, solidarity and compassion – become integrated into decision-making and relationships, enabling systemic change in organisations, communities and nations.

We ask ourselves what we have to do to transform our personal thoughts and beliefs in order to give birth to the kind of society we look forward to, based on our spiritual values. We value life and we want to expand our awareness of caring for it, in all its forms. We wish to walk this path with others, strengthening our purpose through profound encounters with people from all over the world.

Learning from others

We know that a lot of people are willing to empower this purpose. As partners with the Spirit of Humanity Forum, we see this work as a way to serve the world, and as a pathway for our own learning, growth and transformation. Of all the people we deal with, we want to appeal to those whose basis is spreading love, respect and inner peace.

We honour our history

We recognise that there have always been men and women who have given their life to be true to the highest values of human beings. Now, we can see people from an enormous range of fields and activities who are willing to live these values. We want to strengthen this emerging evolution by exploring its implications. We are inspired to contribute to this evolving energy by sharing our experiences of honouring the core values of human beings.

Our purpose commits us to search for new ways to create connections, to have deep conversations, to build up innovative forms of encounters, to explore new forms of governance underpinned by care, respect, trust, dialogue and relationships.

A tribute to the organising team!


We were very touched by the spirit with which this regional Forum was initiated and carried through by just a small team of friends. Here are the words of Moira Lowe from Brahma Kumaris in Argentina, who has gave the team a big hand of co-operation and who also participated in the Forum herself:

"They performed a gigantic task out of pure love and enthusiasm, simply convinced that this was very important to do. They were not representing a big organisation with a lot of experience and routines for taking on a task of this magnitude, but in daily life all of them have very different roles, and yet they were able to draw in co-operation and resources from many different sides and complete the whole Forum on a voluntary basis. There were many situations they had to face along the way, like for instance having no finances for quite a while, but it never shook their faith. They kept on saying "It will come, it will come." There was a lot of internal care and attention to give each other good company when things got difficult and a lot of care for acknowledging each one's contribution and this nourished everyone's joy to be involved.