The Quest for Love

However much we think we have to search for Love, Love is always there.  It is ever present, it is the being of the Cosmos.

Love is a way of being.

Love is a way of doing.

Love can only be known in its being and doing – in every moment of every day. Breathing in and breathing out can be acts of Love.

We have to surrender and give way to Love.

We have to find a place for Love.

In every moment, in every place, here and now, and here and now, and here and now.

We can say that Love has certain qualities, and we can ponder on what those qualities might be, but that does not bring Love into being.

It is only in the practice of Love that Love arises – a kind of prayer without ceasing.

Kindliness helps.  It helps a lot.  Being kind to one another in all those small ways that wait for us.

And caring, caring for each other and for the Earth.  Indeed, according to Love, that is main purpose for being here at all – to take care.

Don’t wait to be told about Love.  Just bring Love into every moment of your time, your being – the next person you meet, the next person you speak to, at home, at work, shopping for food, the next meeting you have to attend.  Attend in Love.

To find Love, find Silence and Stillness.  For Silence and Stillness are the ground of Love.

Unlike so much of what we are asked to do, Love cannot be done in a hurry, and its not a competition.  You can’t have Love, for Love is found when it is shared or given away.  The more you give, the more there is to give.

But it does require a kind of discipline, an unending intention to Love.  And a watchfulness, too.  Noticing when, in those moments of irritation and fearfulness, we have let Love slip away.

But it never really slips away.  Love is always there – ready to be, ready to take place, ready to be done.

Love is a way of being; Love is a way of doing, now, now, now.

By David Cadman for the ‘Friday’s for Silence’ gathering

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