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Dr Joy DeGruy, on resolving collective trauma and how we can all BE the healing.

Internationally renowned researcher and educator. Her research focuses on the intersection of racism, trauma, violence and American chattel slavery.

“My spiritual base is that I believe in the fundamental oneness of all humanity. I believe all people are one. That’s a spiritual practice that I have had throughout my life.”

“There’s an African proverb which says: ‘When you pray, move your feet’, meaning it’s not enough to just sit back and hope real hard or even pray about it. We have to act upon what we believe is true and fair.”

“I needed to act, I needed every black child to to know that they were intrinsically noble, and that there was nothing that they needed to fix in themselves. I needed everyone to know what I believed. So I had to walk it, I had to do the research, I had to do that deep dive, I had to unpack my own injuries, so that my children would not receive them. “